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Events, Weddings & Celebrations

Airborne Photography specialises in aerial photography, aerial video for tourism e as well as ground level imagery. Tourism Aerial Photography servicing Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula and Barossa Valley and Adelaide

Event & Wedding Aerial Photography & Video Specialists

We know how to capture imagery that will more than exceed your expectations.


Planning that special occassion or a corporate event... then take your memories to a new perspective?


We have the just the solution for you.


2016-04-10 12-06-01-HDR NMM Events WM
2016-04-10 11-14-07-HDR NMM Events WM
2016-04-10 10-37-28-HDR NMM Events WM
2016-03-26 15-39-12-HDR Clare Easter Races - Airmaster 72 WM
2016-03-26 16-10-45-HDR-Pano Clare Easter Races - Airmaster 72 WM
2016-03-26 16-09-22-HDR Clare Easter Races - Airmaster 72 WM
2016-03-26 16-12-15-HDR Clare Easter Races - Airmaster 72 WM
2015-08-25 11-40-32 Events WM
2015-08-25 11-36-45 Events WM
2016-04-02 18-28-08 B&B Wedding WM

Images and video taken from the above provide the very best overall perspective of your special event.


A video such as this example above provides an overall perspective and utilises Aerial and ground level Video and sound. Also refer to Photo Gallery below.


Call us to discuss what you have in mind and we can tailor a package to suit you and your budget.

Every photography project is different so no one package fits all.


Call us now on 0416 200 824 to discuss your requirements.


2016-04-02 18-07-26 B&B Wedding WM
2016-04-02 18-02-17 B&B Wedding WM
2016-04-02 17-41-55 B&B Wedding WM
2016-04-02 17-39-46 B&B Wedding WM
2016-04-02 17-35-37 B&B Wedding WM
2016-04-02 16-53-04 B&B Wedding WM
2016-04-02 16-43-39 B&B Wedding WM
2016-04-02 18-28-08 B&B Wedding WM
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