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Real Estate Aerial Photography & Video services

You want... the property to stand out from the rest, right?

You know... that the more buyers attracted the higher the sale price, right?


Airborne Media have just the solution...

Aerial Imagery Attracts the attention 

of prospective buyers.


To stand out from others one needs to do something different... 

that's where Airborne Media can provide just the partnership you require.



Walk Through Videos

Walk Through Videos are an ideal way to showcase a listing, keep yourself, your clients and purchasers safer and reduce the number of 'tyre kickers'  through a property.



Introducing 3D Panoramas


We are delighted to now offer our clients 360 aerial imagery - perfect for property and location marketing. 

Click and drag to explore the 360 panorama below.

"The result was more than amazing."


"I brought Steve of Airborne Photography in to photograph and video a large property I was listing.  The result was more than amazing.  He was able to capture views that were inspiring.  It really is the only way to capture what a property has to offer when normal photography can’t.  I will without a doubt call on Airborne Photography when I can going forward.  What a great way to set a listing apart from the competition."

Doug Culp of Sexton & Glover RE/MAX Hills & Country



3D Motion Tracked boundaries and labels

Explanation of 3D Motion Tracking

Examples of 3D Motion Tracking

Clients include:

Airborne captured and produced:

Airborne captured aerial for:

Real Estate Aerial Image Gallery

We understand real estate, having come from a family with more than 150 years in real estate sales and investing experience.


We know how to capture imagery that will ensure your property or listing will stand out from the rest.


Airborne aerial photography and video provide potential purchasers with the very best overall perspective and gives them an increased level of information, excitement and confidence to dig deeper and view your property.


Aerial photography can easily be added to the listing at any time.


Aerial video captured and edited well is very emotive. Video footage can be supplied edited or unedited to match with other media as required.


Airborne Media can also capture video from the ground to complement the aerial video and we can also provide voice over or agent straight to camera. 


It's more affordable than you think.


Ask about flexible Aerial Packages tailored to suit your needs.


Call us now on 0416 200 824 to discuss your requirements.

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