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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Our aircraft of choice is the very latest in multi-rotor drones. A flying camera which can operate at low altitudes, are safe, enviromentally friendly, and in comparison to planes and helicopters are very quiet.


Importantly... We’ll look after all the details... so you don't need to.


How hard is aerial footage to arrange?


It's all really easy when you have the correct advice and the services of a skilled UAV/RPA/drone pilot and camera operator such as Airborne Media. We do the hard work so you don't have to.


If you have never used aerial photo & video services before... don't worry, we are here to effortlessly guide you through the whole process and capture amazing imagery for you and your client.


How good is your work?


Here's what Doug Culp of Sexton & Glover RE/MAX Hills & Country said about our work .

"I brought Steve at Airborne Photography in to photograph and video a large property I was listing.  The result was more than amazing.  He was able to capture views that were inspiring.  It really is the only way to capture what a property has to offer when normal photography can’t.  I will without a doubt call on Steve at Airborne Photography when I can going forward.  What a great way to set a listing apart from the competition."


What cameras do you use?


Utilising the very latest in 4K Aerial Cameras solutions, Airborne Photography have a range of platforms depending on what the individual project requires, the conditions and the space available.


We also use the latest in DSLR & Mirrorless camera technology, stabilised gimbal cameras, sliders and audio equipment to capture inspiring imagery and sound if required from ground level to compliment the aerial imagery.


How high can you fly?


It may come as a surprise to you that airspace (the stuff above you) is highly regulated and there are many... many rules which govern its use.


Without special approval, 120m (400ft) is the maximum height a drone is permitted to fly. This is plenty high enough to capture incredible imagery of your property. Any higher and you'll need a plane or helicopter... we can arrange that.





My mate has a camera drone he can do this... can't he?


Sure, if the footage is for strictly personal purposes and no consideration is given and all CASA rules are followed.



In Australia, and many parts of the world, if footage captured from the air is to be used, or even may be used, for any commercial use whatsoever, even as a gift, then the controller of the drone/operator must be licensed with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority CASA. If they are not it's illegal and you and your client are at a risk of litigation.

Are you insured?


Yes, Absolutely. This is a really important point and one to ask any aerial photographer before enlisting their services.


As a CASA licensed controller/operator we carry public liability insurance to cover you and your clients in relation to our operation in the unlikely situation of something going wrong.


Please be aware that unlicensed drone operators are not able to access public liability insurance in Australia so best not subject yourself or your client and their property to such risk.

Where can drones operate?


CASA, stipulate that Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or drones) can operate, where there is no unreasonable risk of either: 

  • - injury to a person/s, or ​damage to anyone’s property

  • - 30m from people / property not connected with the operation

  • - up to 120m (400 feet) above ground level

  • - in good weather conditions (not in showers, rain or strong winds)

  • - outside a 5.5km (3nm) radius of a controlled airport or controlled / restricted airspace, unless area approval.

Can you operate in a populated area?


To be able to operate over a populated area there are a number of criteria which need to be met, and we'll discuss these with you on a case by case basis. Generally though, it is a matter of good communication with neighbours and people in the immediate area, us taking extra safety precautions and choosing suitable times when there'll be less people in the vicinity.


Is the location/property in controlled airspace, CTA?


If the location in question is within 5.5km of an airport with a control tower, e.g. Adelaide International Airport or Parafield Airport, then it is probably within controlled airspace CTA. Click here for a map showing the CTA overlays for metro Adelaide.


Oh... so the location is within CTA... what can be done?


You've checked the map link above and find that the location is within controlled airspace CTA.


Fortunately, that's not the end of the story. We may still be able to service your needs, however, special area approvals will need to be sought from CASA and Airservices Australia which take time (up to a month) and will significantly add to the cost of the project. As an indication, preparation of approval documents and submission to CASA could cost in the vicinity of $1500. Even after you pay for this upfront there is no guarantee the Area Approval will be granted.

Let us know your location on the Booking Form and we can advise you the next step.


What about flying around other Aerodromes and Helicopter Landing Sites (HLA)?


You've done your homework... nice work. They are dotted all over the place!

In simple terms flying a UAV/Drone within 3 Nautical Miles (5.5km) of any airfield or helicopter landing site (HLS) is not permissible.


Airborne Photography have  Approval which allows us to operate within those areas given we abide by a number of conditions. Depending on the site location a visual observer / spotter may be required along side the pilot. 


Click here for a map showing the CTA overlays and Helicopter Landing Sites "H" for metro Adelaide.

Click here for a map showing the Aerodrome & HLA overlays (in orange) for Adelaide Hills. Enquire for other areas.


What are your rates?


Every project we undertake is different. At Airborne Media we tailor an imagery solution to meet your particular needs and requirements. The location of the project will obviously have a bearing on the rate.

Simply click on the Contact tab above or call us on 0416200824 during office hours.


OK, so we haven't yet answered your questions?


As mentioed above, Airborne Media are here to help, no question is deemed silly and all are welcomed.

Simply click on the Contact tab above or call us on 0416200824 during office hours.

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